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Maldives Surf Boat Trips in North & South Malé Atolls


Best density of lefts & rights, best consistency during heart of SW monsoon (June-August), best proximity to Malé airport, occasionnal crowds (especillay April 15 - August 30), 2 spots exclusive to resorts, best swell orientation (S-SE).

Pass #1 (45 min from Malé, 30 min from Pass #2):

  • Tombstones (Furana) : needs big SE swells, rarely on, usually uncrowded, long perfect right, facing Full Moon resort

Pass #2 (30 min from Pass #1, 30 min from Pass #3) :

  • Jailbreaks (Himmafushi) : long classic right, consistent, best NW/W/SW winds, new guesthouse in village
  • Honky’s (Thamburudhoo) : amazing left, crazy jackup at Freds’ ledge, usually too rippy, best NE wind
  • Sultans (Thamburudhoo) : Maldives most surfed spot, classic rights, 3 sections, sometimes affected by boat wakes, best W/SW winds, military zone on island, resort development project
  • Pasta (Chaaya Dhonveli resort) : semi-long quality left, needs NW/NE winds, EXCLUSIVE TO RESORT

Pass #3 (30 min from Pass #2, 30 min from Pass #4)

  • Ninjas (Kanifinolhu) : short rights, decent ride when small / medium, monsoon winds ok, facing CLUB MED
  • Lohi’s (Huduranfushi) : quality long lefts, best NW/NE winds, holds monsoon winds to certain degree, EXCLUSIVE TO RESORT

Pass #4 (30 min from Pass #3, 30 min from Meerufensfushi / Dhiffushi island)

  • Cokes (Thulusdhoo) : barreling rights, North Malé hard breaking wave, sometimes fickle, best NW/NE winds, locals, Guesthouse surfers
  • Chickens  : Maldives most playful lefts, best NW/NE winds but holds medium monsoon winds, 15 min paddle from Thulusdhoo but beware of strong rips, resort development project

PS : Meerufenfsuhi produces zipping rights best on medium / big SE swells, still riadble on strong S winds.

maldives surf  SURF TRIP DATES

March to November (those periods are only indicative, choose whatever dates suits your planning).

For different periods, we can find the best deal depending on precise arrival / departure dates, availabilities, group size, boat services required… Expect  :

  • 1200 US$ per day for a small boat (20m) without dhoni,
  • 1800 US$ for a medium boat (25m) with dhoni,
  • 2200 US$ for a large boat (30m) up to 3000 USD for deluxe boat.

All pricing quoted for exclusive use (only your group onboard).

Earliest is the best for availability for boat (only 1 boat at the time) and cheap fare flights. The crucial point for groups is to find common dates. Once group has dates, everyone can face budget requirements.

Our schedule is updated on a regular basis. If you have any question, please contact us.

maldives surf  DAILY RATES

It costs 1350 US$ per day to book the boat, for capacity up to 8 guests. Expect +85 US$ per day per additional guest (boat capacity up to 18 surfers).

Includes : all meals & snacks, surf transfers with 2 dingies, bed in double cabin, surfguide, GST (12%) et daily tax (8 US$).

Does not include : cans (3 US$), beers (5 US$), alcohols, tips (5 US$ per day if happy), 3G key internet access (3 US$ for 30min), surfguide (40 US$ per day).


For any request or booking, please contact Antony "YEP" Colas by e-mail, specifying the dates/period wanted as well as the number of guests onboard.

Booking conditions :
More than 90 days before departure : 30% at booking and 70% 45 days before departure.
Less than 90 days before departure : 100% at booking.

maldives surf  THE BOAT : EQUATOR

Capacity :
Surfers : 18 surfers max.
Crew : 6 people

Dingy :
2 Dingies with 15 Hp outboard engine for 8 surfers

Specifications :
Built year : 2004
Length : 30m (99ft)
Width : 8,50m (28ft)
Cruising speed : 11 knots
Engine : Scania 420 Hp
Generators : 2 Soundproof Perkins
Electricity : 220V

Cabins :
9 guest cabins (7 down, 2 master cabins up) with attached toilet and bathroom.
Air conditionning in all cabins with individual temperature control.

Facilities on board :
Shaded sundeck for boardbags
Fuel tank : 5000 liters
Stereo, Plasma TV, DVD, games, binoculars, mobile phone
Desalinates 6000liters of fresh water per day.
Wide saloon

maldives surf  PHOTOS

May 2012 :

maldives surf  PHOTO GALLERY

Pictures of the surf and waves in North Malé Atoll


Maldives Malé Atolls map
Route map for surftrips in N&S Malé Atolls
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Surf spots map North Malé Atoll
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