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Surfing North South Malé Atolls

Maldives Surf Boat Trips in North Malé Atoll

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For those who can't commit to a group much time in advance and need a garantied departure even a few days before flying to Malé, Ocean Explorer is the answer. Come and leave any time, any date.

maldives surf  HEAPS OF SURF SPOTS

Best density of lefts & rights, best consistency during heart of SW monsoon (June-August), best proximity to Malé airport, occasionnal crowds (especially April 15 - Oct 30), 2 spots exclusive to resorts, best swell orientation (S-SE).

Pass #1 (45 min from Malé, 30 min from Pass #2):

  • Tombstones (Furana) : needs big SE swells, rarely on, usually uncrowded, long perfect right, facing Full Moon resort

Pass #2 (30 min from Pass #1, 30 min from Pass #3) :

  • Jailbreaks (Himmafushi) : long classic right, consistent, best NW/W/SW winds, new guesthouse in village
  • Honky’s (Thamburudhoo) : amazing left, crazy jackup at Freds’ ledge, usually too rippy, best NE wind
  • Sultans (Thamburudhoo) : Maldives most surfed spot, classic rights, 3 sections, sometimes affected by boat wakes, best W/SW winds, military zone on island, resort development project
  • Pasta (Chaaya Dhonveli resort) : semi-long quality left, needs NW/NE winds, EXCLUSIVE TO RESORT

Pass #3 (30 min from Pass #2, 30 min from Pass #4)

  • Ninjas (Kanifinolhu) : short rights, decent ride when small / medium, monsoon winds ok, facing CLUB MED
  • Lohi’s (Huduranfushi) : quality long lefts, best NW/NE winds, holds monsoon winds to certain degree, EXCLUSIVE TO RESORT

Pass #4 (30 min from Pass #3, 30 min from Meerufensfushi / Dhiffushi island)

  • Cokes (Thulusdhoo) : barreling rights, North Malé hard breaking wave, sometimes fickle, best NW/NE winds, locals, Guesthouse surfers
  • Chickens  : Maldives most playful lefts, best NW/NE winds but holds medium monsoon winds, 15 min paddle from Thulusdhoo but beware of strong rips, resort development project

PS : Meerufenfsuhi produces zipping rights best on medium / big SE swells, still riadble on strong S winds


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Route map for surftrips in N&S Malé Atolls
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