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Maldives Extra-Surf Activities

Great surfing conditions are not the only attractive activity to practice in the Maldives. Fishing and scuba diving fans will reach happiness on Maldive Surf boats, thanks to a remarkable fauna and flora. A boat trip offers the best flexibility to fully enjoy the beauty of the Maldivian atolls. Welcome on board...

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Apart from the young rich kids born in Malé, every Maldivian is a keen fisherman. The reason is obvious : this is the first resource in those tropical islands and fish is more than plentiful. Netfishing being banned, boats only catch tuna with fishing rod and trawling handlines behind boats. Don't miss that amazing opportunity to catch the biggest fish in your life with a simple handline or a strong fishing rod. Bring your own fishing rod, hooks, big reel for fishes weighing 2-40 kg. If you're keen, feel free to ask the dhoni crew to take you on a night fishing trip.

Rod catch : rock grouper, vermillion cod, red snapper, triggerfish, batfish...

Trawling catch : all kinds of Tuna (Yellow Fin, Skipjack, Albacore...), Dolphin fish (Mahi-Mahi), Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Yahoo, Barracuda, Blue fin Trevally, Needle fishes...

maldives surf  SNORKELING

Maldives are among the top 5 destinations in the world for diving because of great visibility, high water temps (even deep) and pelagics (big fishes) density. The crew owns some snorkelling gear but it's usually in poor condition and not always available. Bring a mask, snorkel and fins (basic quality will do) to enjoy the colourful underwater world, easily accessible even without tanks. Maybe deal with your cabin mate so you can share one equipment.

"Snorksurfing" is a great way to go watch waves underwater thanks to the unique transparency of the tropics. You don't need a wetsuit, just a long sleeve lycra for the sun ! Don't bring a speargun or it will be automatically confiscated upon arrival (they check with bags with X-ray but you'll get it back on the way home).

maldives surf  SCUBA DIVING

Most safari boats don’t have diving equipment (compressor, tanks…) at that time of year. If you want to dive, you have to book diving trips from the resorts, make phonecalls and arrange your transfer with the boat. Examples : Kandooma (South Malé), Medhufushi (Meemu) and recently Olhuveli (Laamu).


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