Surf trip in Maldives southern atolls Maldives southern atolls boat trip Maldives southern atolls surf trip
Surf boat trip in Maldives southern atolls

Maldives Surf Boat Trips in the Southern Atoll

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Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll is Maldives biggest atoll and world’s deepest atoll. Sometimes referred as Outer atoll, Suvadiva (before 1972 under British occupancy) or South Atoll, Gaafu Dhaalu (GD) is actually the southern division of the Atoll, North being Gaafu Alifu.

Since early 90’s, Malé safari boats have been coming here to enjoy early surf season consistency and fantastic fishing. Being 3 days from Malé with a sketchy (when the sea is rough) 12h crossing of the One-and-Half Degree Channel, Gaafu Dhaalu is not an easy reach and extra fuel charge and more-expensive-than-Malé supplies & fuel add to the costs.

With the Sept 2012 opening of Kooddoo airport at Gaafu Alifu, GD may become increasingly popular with surfers. At the time, 3 resorts are being built, Ayada Maldives being the first addition.

Heaps of spots, soft breaking lefts, optimum swell exposure !

GD sits right behind North Malé in terms of spots density and with up to 28 breaks referred on some maps, it ranks #1 in terms of spot quantity and surf supply.

The S-facing stretch between Blue Bowls and Tigers Stripes truly deserve the swell magnet title in Maldives. Any south swells, even from the lower reach of Antartica, will make a wave there. But the drawback is that any S wind will make cruising uncomfortable as well as messy lineups.

Once you land at Kaadeddhoo airport (KDM), not to be mistaken with Kaddhoo airport (KDO) in Laamu, it’s a mere 2h to Fiyoari / Beacons, a hell of a right if the wind is good (rare) and 3h to Blue Bowls, GD most consistent spot. Blue Bowls and 5islands being the key rights, it’s a quick cruise to Love Charms and Tiger Stripes, 2 consistent lefts even with onshores (if low to moderate). Gaafu Alifu spots are very seldom surfed, as well as KDM airport waves, which requires NE-SE winds to get doing.


Maldives Southern Atolls map
Route map for surftrips in the Southern Atoll
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Maldives southern atolls surf spots map
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