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Surf safari in the central atolls, Maldives

Maldives Surf Trips in Central Atolls - Dates & Fares

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The season for a surf boat trip in the Central Atolls extends from May 1st to September 30th. May, June and August are the most requested months, so book early. Depending on availability, you can bend those dates by +/- 2 days. Arrivals are scheduled to leave on SUNDAY morning, but dates can be modified to suit international flights schedule.

Earliest is the best for availability for boat (only 1 boat at the time) and cheap fare flights. The crucial point for groups is to find common dates. Once group has dates, everyone can face budget requirements.

The trip can last from 9 to 15 days within the time slot mentioned above. 12 days is good to guarantee classic surfing days. Once your group is confirmed with dates, please let us know if you expect to “open” your group for individuals so you can get the price down.

Our schedule is updated on a regular basis. If you have any question, please contact us.

maldives surf  DAILY RATES

It costs 1650 USD per day to book the boat, with capacity up to 8 pax. Then you add an extra 85 USD per day for additional guest (the boat fits up to 16 surfers).

NOTE : those periods are for groups. Sometimes, we get an OPEN period for SOLO so you could join those periods on individual basis.

Includes : all meals & snacks, surf transfers with 2 dingies, bed in double cabin, surfguide, GST (12%) et daily tax (8 USD). EXTRA DHONI : North Malé - 150 USD per day, Outer atolls – 200 USD per day.

Does not include : cans (3 USD), beers (5 USD), alcohols, tips (5 USD per day if happy), surfguide (40 USD per day).


For any request or booking, please contact Antony "YEP" Colas by e-mail, specifying the n° of the desired trip (see table) as well as the number of people composing the group (individual requests are possible).

Booking conditions :
More than 90 days before departure : 30% at booking and 70% 45 days before departure.
Less than 90 days before departure : 100% at booking.